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Sonne Screen Video Capture 7.1

Sonne Screen Video Capture will capture your screen and record video files
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Sonne Screen Video Capture will capture your screen and record video files.
It will not only capture any part of your screen, or the full screen, but it can grab video and images from DV, TV Tuners and other capture devices, like your webcam. It can save snapshot to .BMP and .JPG files, and videos as .AVI files. You can choose to use different video and audio codecs.

While recording a video, you can include any text or image on it, that will be shown in the final video. You can also set the transparency of your text and image. You will also be able to adjust the brightness, contrast, hue and saturation of the recording video.

The program will let you watch TV if you have a TV Tuner Card. You can configure your capture device to start recording when the program detects some movement. This can be useful to use your webcam as a surveillance device, that will only shot images when something moves in the environment. It can then send you an email, play a sound, run a program or even upload a video to warn you about any change in the area that is being monitored.

The free version of this program will be fully functional for fifteen days.

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